"Titanfall 2" Operation Frontier Shield DLC is rolling in new maps and a free co-op horde mode. The downloadable content will be available starting July 25 and will be free to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One users.

Frontier Defense

EA announced the long-awaited co-op horde mode that will be released alongside the Operation Frontier Shield DLC. On the game publisher’s official site, Respawn Entertainment revealed the contents of the new expansion. Dubbed as the Frontier Defense, the co-op horde mode will be about four players making up a team and fighting against five waves of enemies on a map.

Interestingly, every wave is stronger than the previous wave.

Moreover, players will reap in-game game credits for every enemy they killed in the co-op horde mode. These in-game credits can be used to purchase power-ups to stay longer. This includes Arc Traps, Batteries, and Sentries among others. In this mode, players can choose the mode of difficulty ranging from easy, regular, hard, and master.

Aside from those, the new co-op horde mode will also introduce Aegis Ranks, which is a Titan progression system. Through these ranks, players will have access to fresh Titan upgrades to assist them in the mode. The downside about this is that both the new progression system and the upgrades can only be used in the new game mode.

The Frontier Defense Mode will support five maps during its release. This includes Homestead, Forward Base Kodai, War Games, Rise, and Blackwater Canal maps.


Aside from the co-op horde mode, "Titanfall 2" Operation Frontier Shield DLC will also feature new maps. Among them are a couple of maps namely Rise and Live Fire Map: Township.

The Rise map is an abandoned reservoir in the desert with tight quarters and long sight lines. On the other hand, Township will resemble a residential firefight. Aside from the new maps, the game developer is also introducing the purchasable content of Elite Warpaints for Titans and weapons in this expansion. Aside from giving Titans and weapons a fresh look, these will also give increased XP.

Meanwhile, the game developer will also launch a “Titanfall 2free trial. It will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One players. The free trial will begin on July 28 and will run until July 30. The most interesting part about the Frontier Defense mode is that since it is free, even those who participate in the free trial can access the new content.