"Diablo 3" Season 11 is officially starting today on all regions and platforms. The latest season is also known as the "Season of the Necromancer." So, for players who want to create a seasonal hero and want to refresh, this the best time to do so.

Season 11

"Diablo 3" Season 11 is loaded with rewards, new challenges, and other interesting pieces that will only be given to those who participate in the season. Participating players can also enjoy the Conquests, which contain season-exclusive achievements and challenges. Season 11 is the latest season in the game and the second season for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users.

All the progress made by each participating player will be monitored on the game's Leaderboard system as well as in the Seasons Journey Interface.


This is the first-ever season that players will be able to play through the game’s Season Journey, the powerful Necromancer. The Priests of Rathma with all its skills and power could be the best character that players can use in this season. In this season, players will have to complete the Bones of Rathma, which is a free Class Set.


Season 11 will also reward players with interesting pieces. For pet collectors, there is a new addition to the Pant and Boot slots of the Conqueror Set. Aside from those, Treasure Goblins-themed portraits can also be collected along with a portrait that honors the loot.

As for the Season Journey Rewards, players who have not yet reached four Stash tabs, or have not achieved the Conqueror state are given the chance to unlock the extra Stash tab by completing several tasks at the Conqueror level. Blizzard has listed all the tasks that players can complete.

Other gifts

If players complete certain chapters in the Season Journey, they will get a shiny new Class Set as Haedrig's Gift.

Players who were able to successfully complete Chapters 2, 3 and 4 of the Season Journey will be rewarded with three Headrig’s Gift, which is one for every chapter. The set that the players will receive will greatly depend on the character’s Class that the player is using upon opening Headrig’s Gift. To be able to reap the full Class Set, players will need to open all three gifts using the same character.

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