Bungie revealed today that the highly anticipated first-person shooter game, “Destiny 2” will have over 50 Cutscenes. It seems that the game developer is keeping true to its promise of giving fans a title that is focused on the story.

Previous issues

The first game installment was well received by fans when it was released. However, most players complained that the title’s main campaign is somewhat meaningless and the game story was weak. It is interesting to note that the game developer has taken notes of these complaints and has seriously made it a priority in developing the next game installment.

Latest announcements

During the “Destiny 2” panel at the San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Bungie revealed many details about the much-anticipated game. The panel was graced by Game Director Luke Smith and voice Actor Lance Reddick (Commander Zavala) among others. The details that were revealed at the event were tweeted by a fan by the name BungieInformer on its official Twitter account.

Among the interesting announcements that were made during the event includes the revelation that the second game installment will release more than 50 cutscenes. It is worth noting that the vanilla version of the first game installment only has 17 cutscenes. In other words, the upcoming game has a lot more stories than its predecessor.

The Homecoming story mission that is accessible in the game’s beta has four cutscenes. This means that fans can expect that the second game installment will have a lot more dialogue, character interaction, storyline, compared to its predecessor.

Further, if we combine all the cutscenes released from the original game including all that was released in its expansions; we will come up with 63 cutscenes.

Open Beta

Meanwhile, the open beta to all PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users is already starting. Those who do not have early access can now download and play the game. The game’s open beta is scheduled to start at 1 pm ET on July 21.

The open beta gives players the chance to get their hands on the upcoming game by offering its campaign and multiplayer. Players can enjoy the Homecoming Mission as well as the Countdown mode on the Endless Vale Map.

Starting July 23, players can visit the social space in “Destiny 2” dubbed as The farm. There are also fun activities that players can enjoy the social space. This includes making friends with a chicken and kicking around a soccer ball among others.