The early access to the Open Beta of "Destiny 2" for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users is already up. So far, players have been enjoying and exploring the maps that are accessible in the game's open beta. Bungie has been very grateful about the beta since the feedback from the testers has been very helpful in their further development of the game. Among the recent discoveries in the open beta is the enemy ship. For those who would like to shoot down the ship of the enemy, they can deliberately do so as it is allowed, at least in the beta.

Cabal ships

Players who have been playing the Inverted Spire strike have noticed Cabal ships.

These ships are located in adjacent to the drill place. Aside from that, these ships have health bars that some players are desperately trying to shoot down. On Reddit, Redditor JAMeador13 shared that he has successfully shot down the Cabal Ship.

How to shoot down the ship

Players who would like to bring the ship down need to use their super ability. Activating it is the only proven way to bring the Cabal ship down, so far. However, shooting the ship down will not reap a player any rewards. It will be just a waste of the player's super ability. Interestingly, the up side of this is that it is just fun to see players being able to interact with the Cabal ship.

Other details

Recently, the game developer forewarned players to be extra careful in linking their Blizzard accounts with their Bungie accounts.

There is a chance that doing so could orphan the players account and will restrict them from accessing it. This is, in a way, similar to players linking their PSN ID with Xbox Gamertag.

Meanwhile, the game developer has given the Clan leaders a housekeeping period to transfer their clans’ base of operation to the second game installment. The transfer starts on July 5 where clan founders are given the chance to even transfer their permissions and title to another member of the clan whom they could designate as leaders of the team.

The housekeeping period will only last for a month. In other words, clans have until August 4 to decide on what they think is best for their clans.

The highly-anticipated second game installment of Bungie’s first-person shooter game “Destiny 2” is slated to arrive on September 6. It will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and PC. Currently, the early access to the game’s open beta is already starting for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users.

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