The highly anticipated “Titanfall 2Operation Frontier Shield DLC is now available. The latest expansion features a co-op horde mode titled, Frontier Defense. Players can also choose from a wide variety of cosmetics made available along with the release of the expansion pack.

Operation Frontier Shield DLC

The latest co-op horde mode introduced in the Operation Frontier Shield expansion is one of the biggest inclusions in this DLC. In this mode, players will be rewarded with a mode-exclusive reward dubbed as Aegis Rank. Frontier Defense Mode is composed of four players teaming up to defend and protect their Harvester from all kinds of enemies.

Interestingly, there will be five waves of enemies that will come one wave at a time, where the succeeding wave is stronger than its previous wave. The Aegis Rank will help players unlock extra upgrades for the players’ Titans. Currently, the Frontier Defense has five maps but according to Respawn, they will release more maps that will be added in the next updates.

New maps

Aside from the new co-op horde mode, the Operation Frontier Shield DLC of “Titanfall 2” also features two new maps. The first map dubbed as Rise, which is a remaster from the original game, is one of the five stages supported in the Frontier Defense. The second map is called Township, which is a residential place with scant exposure.

This will be in the Live Fire mode of the game


According to Respawn, the latest expansion pack also brings purchasable Warpaints for Weapons and for Titans. This latest cosmetic offers the Titans and their teammates the opportunity to earn extra Aegis XP upon completion of the matches in Frontier Defense. The latest skins will be available starting now until August 28.

They can be purchased individually for $5 or $25 for a bundle.

Players can also get the Elite Weapon Warpaints. This skin gives merit boosts for the team and an extra 10 percent chance to get a double XP token at the end of the match. The Elite Weapon Warpaints is sold for $5 individually or $25 for a bundle.


The latest “Titanfall 2” expansion pack also rolled out several fixes and refinements to the game.

The in-game Complex has received additional out of bounds triggers. There is also fresh statistics page for maps as well as tracking of the difficulty levels in the new co-op horde mode. Visual improvements on the Weapon and Titan statistics page are also made. Furthermore, there are several balances for Titans and Pilots as well as general mode adjustments and miscellaneous fixes.