Blizzard revealed the reason why Terry Crews was not picked to be the voice behind Doomfist despite the hype he has created in the ‘Overwatch” fan base. When Doomfist was launched at “Overwatch’s” Public Test Region, most fans were disappointed to discover that the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star did not get the role of voicing the hero.

Comic-Con 2017

During the San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Blizzard is among those who had a major presence in the event. One of the highlights of in the panel was Doomfist who got the most attention. The company for the first time sponsored a Doomfist cosplay with finely detailed and stunning attire.

Moreover, the developer allotted an entire panel talking about the development process that the hero has undergone. With the special attention given to the 25th “Overwatch” hero, the only question left unanswered now is why didn’t Terry Crews end up voicing the most hyped hero?

The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor has the majority of the fans rooting for him to voice the rocket-punching hero of the game. The hype started when he publicly talked about his interest in voicing the character. In fact, Crews even went the extra mile of paying Blizzard a visit and publishing his audition tape for the role. Moreover, he got Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to endorse him. However, many were disappointed when it was announced that the veteran actor and director Sahr Ngaujah was assigned the role.

Why is Crews not voicing Doomfist?

There were several fans during the San Diego Comic-Con who were still linking Terry Crews with the game’s 25th hero. Although he did not come up during the Question and Answer portion, some fans were shouting his name several times. In a follow-up conversation with Gamespot, Blizzard senior designer, Michael Chu was asked the billion-dollar question, of why after impressive hype; Terry Crews did not get the role of Doomfist.

The senior designer was quoted saying that Blizzard loves the actor and finds him awesome. He further said that the actor even came and paid them a visit.

However, Chu stated that when they were searching for the voice actor for the hero, they were looking for something very specific putting into consideration the role of the character in the game.

The senior designer revealed that at the early stage of the audition for the role, the first time they heard Sahr, they knew he was the one they were looking for. Chu highlighted that Sahr Ngaujah’s voice has a number of flavors, and is very capable of voicing the various aspects of Doomfist to life.

Meanwhile, Doomfist is scheduled to arrive in the “Overwatch” live server on July 27. Terry Crews, on the other hand, stars as a playable character in the upcoming title, “Crackdown 3.”

You can check out Crews' mock audition for Doomfist in the video below, enjoy!