The San Diego Comic-Con fever is now over, but it marked the beginning of exciting surprises to come for all Injustice 2 fans. Game co-director Ed Boon was at the event to tease fans what to expect from Fighter Pack 2 soon.

Starfire DLC out in August

As expected, NetherRealm Studios unveiled Starfire gameplay trailer for the final character of Fighter Pack 1 for “Injustice 2.” Fans were delighted to see knock down her enemies with her extraordinary power and ability to absorb and convert ultraviolet energy.

The studio also revealed that she will be unlocked as a playable character in August, although, the precise release date is not announced yet.

Take another look the Starfire gameplay trailer below.

Big surprise

Also, Ed Boon also teased the fans what’s coming next after Starfire. In his interview at Comic-Con, Boon confirmed that players would see the teaser trailer of the next three DLC characters soon.

He said that the team is already working on the sneak peek for the second DLC pack and it will be out soon. He didn’t tease any of the potential three character additions in the game, but he said that the trailer has a Big Surprise for the fans.

Possible characters

Typically, this tease from Boon spawned various speculations on the possible three characters that will arrive next in the game. The most prominent fan favorites are Constantine, Spawn, and Hellboy.

John Constantine

The occult detective John Constantine is undoubtedly one of the topmost requested characters to join the brawl. He has demon fighting skills, an arsenal of powerful weapons, and special summon abilities that make him a perfect addition as a guest character.

Fans specifically want the build of actor Matt Ryan who portrayed the titular role in the NBC series over Keanu Reeves who played Constantine in the movie version.


The addition of Spawn has been rumored since the release of NetherRealm Studios’ other popular fighting game, “Mortal Kombat X.” Sadly enough, he didn’t make it to the game, but fans can cross their fingers that their wish will come true in I2.

The badass look of Spawn with his cape and chains as well as his ability to summon the power of heaven and hell make him an excellent DLC character for the next Fighter Pack.


This iconic character is not one from DC cinematic universe, but Hellboy can kick some heroes’ ass with his gigantic fist, invincibility power, and his signature pistol. There’s no other actor to perfectly fit in the role than Ron Perlman and fans will surely love that.

There are also references that point to the inclusion of classic MKX character Raiden and Aquaman's nemesis, Black Manta.

It’s just exciting to think who will be the next three characters who will be announced soon for “Injustice 2,” so don’t miss it.