The Sims 5” release date is expected to be on 2019. However, “The Sims 4” drawback in the previous months may delay its launch date. Here are the details, possible features, and everything that is known so far about the next game of the series.

‘The Sims 5’ release date extended

Electronic Arts usually releases new games in "The Sims" franchise every 4-5 years. Since “The Sims 4” was released on September 2, 2014, “The Sims 5” is expected to launch 2 years from now.

The developers made it clear that the market revenue of the latest game will affect the fate of the next installment.

They even emphasized that it will not be released if “The Sims 4” does not have satisfactory sales. The latest game has been doing well; however, new game content such as the Fitness Stuff Pack received several negative feedbacks. Players even revealed that its main feature makes no sense at all. To give it time to gain more profit, “The Sims 5” release date may be delayed and come out later than 2019.

‘The Sims 5’ possible features and improvements revealed

Given the negative feedback from the latest content release and update, much is expected from the upcoming "The Sims 5." It must feature a lot of incredible features to attract new and players. It must also bring features that were not delivered in the previous releases.

More create-a-sim and build items

The Sims 5” is expected to offer more options for create-a-Sim and build items. It is also expected to give players more freedom to customize the Sims hair with more hairstyles and length. Each player will finally be able to create the hairstyle that will suit their taste. In the upcoming game, there will also be more options for the characters' voice styles and walking styles.

There will also be more behaviors, character traits, and aging details.

According to tech Blorge, In the next big installment, Simmers will also be able to finally drive vehicles such as bicycles and cars, which is something that “The Sims 4” lacks. Players also expressed their hopes to see several features such as driving lessons, and other elements like swimming pools.

Possible VR compatibility coming soon

"The Sims 5" will also have a nice location, the concrete jungle Myshuno, which was featured in the "City Living DLC." It is also expected to feature improved graphics, map layout, visuals, and bright animation. The game’s most anticipated feature is its Virtual Reality compatibility. With this, each player will be able to fully immerse in the game and play their character directly for a better gaming experience.