The Sims 4” offers a wide variety of features and gameplay for its Simmers. Among these, there are 20 features that players should try in its base game. Here are the details of each gameplay feature.

“The Sims” series of games is focused on building homes and making Sims happy. To spice up the game, its developers released game packs, expansion packs, and stuff packs. It includes the recent Parenthood Game Pack and Fitness Stuff Pack wherein Sims can enjoy several challenges, activities, and new objects. There are also goals set for each player to accomplish.

However, they should not fail to try the following features in “The Sims 4” Base Game.

Complete whims more regularly

The game is not player-centered, so Simmers should adapt and always listen to what their Sims wants. They can hover the cursor over the whims to know what their Sims need and how to satisfy them. They must complete their Sims' whims on a regular basis for a better gameplay experience.

Play with pre-made families

It is also exciting to install the pre-made families such as the Goth, Curious, Capp, Pleasant, Specter, and Monty families. Players can continue where the team left off and let their Sims play with the pre-mades.

Exciting home wrecker challenge

Simmers can also take part in “The Sims 4” Home wrecker challenge for fun.

In this challenge, they should ensure that their Sims have a romantic trait so they can date other people. Moreover, the Sims must convince them to leave their husband/boyfriend or wife/girlfriend. Once they leave their SO, they will have the points that they want.

7 toddler challenge

Players should also try “The Sims 4” 7 toddler challenge wherein they take care of 7 toddlers.

Each toddler has different trait from each other and the adult Sims must not die., so this challenge is fun and exciting.

'The Sims 4' rotational play

“The Sims 4” rotational play is also a must-try feature in the base game. It allows Simmers to play several households in the same “save” file. Given the different traits of each household, this gameplay feature will be challenging for each player.

Public enemy and mastermind

Making Sims the enemy of the world also offers a great experience. Once they turn into the public enemy, Sims will always be in fights and in a constant chase to climb up to the criminal ladder.

'The Sims 4' super sim challenge

The Sims 4” players should also try creating a legacy founder called the Super Sim. To do this, Simmers should disable aging in the game. Moreover, their Sims must complete all careers, aspirations, and skills.

There are still 13 "The Sims 4" gameplay features that players should try. They include creating a new life in Newcrest, the from the ground up challenge, earn a gold medal for each party type, catch every collectible, autonomy, haunting others, and upgrade worlds. The game also offers new beginnings under the same roof, rush hour, rosebud achievement, master of painting, and epic wood. They must also try the "challenge it up" with over 200 game challenges.