Overwatch” is prepping for the official release of Doomfist as he will hit the live servers later this month. Blizzard has released a five-minute teaser talking about the concept of the hero and how he came to be. This Talon character is the fourth additional hero to join the game following Ana, Sombra, and Orisa. His kit specializes in melee moves unlike everyone else who relies more on their guns or ranged weapons.

New 'Overwatch' Doomfist trailer

According to The Verge, the new announcement trailer revealed that the Offense hero will be patching in the live servers this July 27, which is a week from now.

In the clip, Blizzard mentioned that the hero was a nod to the fighting game genre – evident by his various sprays and skins. Doomfist relies heavily on his alternative fire called Rocket Punch that zooms him forward. If it connects to an enemy, they will get knocked back a short distance. The attack gains more power if the enemy lands on a wall to the point that squishier heroes like Mercy or Soldier: 76 will get killed on the spot.

Doomfist also has the ability to chain his other abilities together similar to how a typical fighting game character creates combos. His ultimate ability is also a great tool to either wipe out foes or reposition himself. Overall, Doomfist is a versatile hero that is best used on the front lines where he’s punching his enemies off the point or payload.

More trouble with the 'Overwatch' League

In other news, PC Gamer shares that Blizzard might hit yet another snag with the recently announced “Overwatch” League. The Major League Baseball aka MLB is supposedly considering to oppose the trademark registration of the game’s esports logo. They believe that the logo looks too similar to their own, hence they are looking into the issue and have even requested for an extension of their investigation.

While it’s true both logos share the same minimalistic approach, there are some obvious differences between the two. To begin with, the MLB logo shows a baseball player ready to swing his bat. The game’s esports logo, on the other hand, features the game’s poster girl, Tracer. Moreover, both logos use completely different color schemes with “Overwatch” sticking with black and yellow while MLB is red and blue.

From the colors alone, it’s impossible to tell the two logos apart. Not to mention that a variety of other brands like NBA, MLG, and AMA Motocross share a much more striking resemblance to the MLB logo.