YouTube content creator Amira offers the Melanin Skin Tone Pack for Black Sims. Other custom contents for Black Sims are now available to Simmers. These finally allow "The Sims 4" players to finally represent them. Here are the details and everything that is known so far.

SimGuruMegs asked for Simmers feedback on skin tones

"The Sims" series of games has only allowed players to select out of the several base skin colors. Simmers can only adjust the tone using a slider after. Up to date, the game still lacks the skin diversity for darker shades. With this, some players cannot represent themselves.

Hence, they have asked for more "The Sims 4" skin tones and features. In response to the requests, SimGuruMegs has previously posted on Twitter and asked for Simmers' feedback and pictures of tones that they want to be included in the game.

"The Sims 4 Players' requests for skin tone diversity

Several Simmers have revealed their expectations for "The Sims 4" skin tone diversity. Some Simmers have asked for diverse darker hue, Asian colors and pale skin that don’t look so dead. They have also requested for more features such as freckles, redness, wrinkles, birthmarks, moles, and body hair.

“The Sims” players also asked for discreet face bronzer, face illuminator, and facial detail options for customization. SimGuruMegs has assured that she will try her best to get their requests into the game.

Skin Tone Pack and custom contents for Black Sims

Knowing "The Sims" failure to provide skin tone diversity, YouTube content creator Amira has used Al Jazeera Plus.

She emphasized the importance of featuring black culture in video games especially "The Sims 4."

YouTube content creator Amira has created The Black Simmer website to provide the "The Sims 4" skin tone features requested by several Simmers. She has also started creating custom contents that will accurately represent her skin.

She has put importance on specific details such as the hairstyle and face details. The Black Simmer specifically offers Melanin Skin Tone Pack and allows players to register to the site, and download the content.

“The Sims 4” players can also access several custom contents for Black Sims. It includes those in the vaults of EbonixSims, Xmiramira, OnyxSims, Blck Life Simz, Gloriana Sims, and Savage Sims. Simmers can only download the custom contents if they actively participate in their forums.