Nintendo has bee around in the gaming industry for quite some time now and they’ve built some amazingly good consoles over the years. Granted, the company has also had their fair share of flops like the Wii U, but it seems like they’re trying to do their best to ensure that the Nintendo Switch won’t be a failure. Nintendo usually relies on innovation rather than competing with the mainstream market, and they've won over many fans with their unique designs and mechanics. With that being said, here are three of their best consoles.

Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is the latest entry in terms of their handheld devices, which had an extremely rough start during launch.

The system boasted stereoscopic 3D which allowed players to experience 3D without using glasses. For all its other gimmicks like the touchscreen, the handheld basically took what it could from its DS predecessor.

The 3DS eventually picked up after Nintendo decided to lower the price. From there, Nintendo also managed to fill its library with some quality games like “Fantasy Life,” “Luigi’s Mansion 2,” and “Fire Emblem: Awakening.” The 3DS is still going strong to this day with future titles like “Metroid: Samus Returns” and “Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon” releasing later this year.

Nintendo GameCube

The GameCube is one of Nintendo’s most underrated consoles and had some tough competition back in the day.

In terms of innovation, this console was one of their more ordinary systems but it had plenty of unique games which are quite rare to find these days. Games like “Pokemon Colosseum,” “Super Mario Sunshine,” “Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem,” and “Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance” are some GameCube exclusives that were all critically-acclaimed.

Despite the GameCube being a typical console Nintendo-wise, there’s no denying that it had some solid titles in its gaming library. Only time will tell if the company plans to put an emulator on the Nintendo Switch.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

The Snes is arguably the best Nintendo console and is the pinnacle of their ideas and achievements.

Despite being an outdated console, the system won over the hearts of fans because of classic games like Mario and Zelda. This console also made a major leap in gaming, as the 8-bit world of the NES became much more vivid on the 16-bit SNES. Because of its hardware, the system breathed new life into Video Games. Since it became so popular, Nintendo plans to re-release the console later this year with a number of games already pre-installed.