With the recent “Kingdom Hearts 3” trailer, fans have been eager to learn more about the game. So far, Square Enix has revealed that we’ll be getting a “Toy Story” world which is the first for the franchise. The series is iconic for piecing together other universes and tying them in the overarching plot. While these worlds are usually only limited to Disney or “Final Fantasy,” it would be great to see some different worlds from other franchises. With that being said, here are some other universes we’d like to see tied into the upcoming game.


The LEGO brand has become increasingly popular over the past few years as various merchandise, shows and even movies of iconic franchises have been “”Lego-fied.” Aside from modern media, the brand also has a popular market in the gaming scene as there have been dozens of Lego video games based off of famous worlds like “Harry Potter” and “Star Wars.” With this in mind, it isn’t that difficult imagining Sora and his friends entering a Lego-filled world. Moreover, this universe can easily be incorporated into the story as block-like Heartless could be terrorizing the city. Popular characters from “The Lego Movie” would be the representatives of the world and they would team up with Sora to defeat the Heartless.

Animal Crossing

One of Nintendo’s most popular franchises, “Animal Crossing” is typically a friendly game without any action-pact fights. However, with Villager joining the fray in Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS, maybe the Animal Crossing universe would make a whimsical world in “Kingdom Hearts 3.” Sora and his friends would become chibi and join up with characters like Tom Nook and Isabelle who have been receiving various reports about Heartless chopping down trees, bullying villagers, and destroying flowers.

Granted, the plot wouldn’t be too violent as to keep in line with “Animal Crossing’s” overall friendly vibe.

Fire Emblem

Opting for something much more war torn, the “Fire Emblem” series has usually been about the clash between two opposing forces. “Kingdom Hearts 3” can easily fit right in with all of the fighting and political power going on in the Nintendo franchise.

Since there are so many “Fire Emblem” games, characters from different titles could come together in one world in an attempt to stop the evil dragon, Grima. As for Sora, he stumbles upon their universe after discovering that he Heartless have been causing some trouble in the area. The arc would be along the lines of him eventually teams up with the “Fire Emblem” cast to defeat a Heartless version of Grima.