Origin summer sale officially ends on July 25, 2017. It allows players and consumers to save up to 75% on top game titles. It also offers different game packs, expansion packs, and stuff packs from The Sims 4.” Here are the packs that players should have before the sale ends.

Game discounts on Origin summer sale

Origin previously announced that they are offering new game deals including “The Sims 4.” All expansion packs are offered with a 50% discount, and all game packs are offered with 25% discount. Moreover, all stuff packs are given a 20% off except for the Fitness stuff pack with a 10% discount.

During the summer sale, Simmers can also purchase “The Sims 4” base game for on $15. Players can now get the City Living with only half of its original price and the Parenthood game pack with 25% discount. However, it will officially end on July 25, 2017, at 10:00 am Pacific Time.

Game packs Simmers should try

“The Sims 4” offers a variety of game packs. However, they should try the Dine Out game pack and the Parenthood game pack, which can be purchased for $24.90 each.

The Dine out game pack allows each player to finally create and own their restaurant. This game pack is not only about managing a resto, but it also allows players to experiment with new foods and dine out with other Sims.

The Parenthood game pack, on the other hand, challenges each player to take the role of a parent Sims.

As a parent, they should bring up their children Sims and shape them into adulthood. This pack features five character values that will eventually become one of the 11 permanent traits.

Must-have expansion pack

Among the different “The Sims 4” expansion packs, Simmers should try the Get-Together expansion pack, which is on sale for only $49.90.

It features the Clubs and several unique features. In this pack, players have can hang out with other Sims in different clubs and participate in various activities.

The Get-Together expansion pack is not limited to going in and out the clubs. It also gives players the freedom to create their club using different perks and even choose its symbol.

Moreover, Simmers can also enjoy DJ Mixing and Dancing, and use the new town called Windenburg.

Stuff packs players should have

“The Sims 4” offers around 11 stuff packs. Among these packs, Simmers should have the Backyard stuff, Kids room, and Vintage Glamour stuff pack. These are all available for only $12.90.

The Backyard stuff pack offers additional options for players to customize their outdoor spaces. It features several stylish items with bright colors and patterns such as spinning wind catchers, frog fountains and scented flowers.

The Kids room stuff pack, on the other hand, adds new content for children. It includes kids clothing, gameplay objects like void critters, and children activities such as puppet shows. Meanwhile, the Vintage Glamour stuff pack allows Sims to live luxuriously. In this stuff pack, players can dress up their Sims with beautiful vintage clothes and several accessories.