The first “Destiny” started out with a confusing narrative that required players to read grimoires in order to learn more about the game’s lore. The final two expansion DLCs of the sci-fi shooter attempted a different approach with more story cinematics and Cutscenes that were more than welcomed by fans. It appears that Bungie has seriously taken the feedback to heart as they are prepared to make big changes in the sequel. According to the latest reports for “Destiny 2”, the next game will allegedly feature more than 50 cutscenes, as claimed by the development team.

Story will be the central focus of the developers

The information popped up during “Destiny 2” panel at the San Diego Comic-Con 2017 (SDCC 2017) event held last week. According to Jason Harris, Senior Narrative Lead for Bungie, the “Destiny” dev team has shifted its focus this time around to more story content. Harris proudly boasted that the sequel will feature more than fifty cutscenes. Moreover, he also explained that he did not have an exact number in mind, but was sure that it was more than 50.

The dev team hopes gamers will complain about one thing

Ever since the developers started to market the second installment of the online team-based shooter, they have made it known to fans about their plans to infuse more cinematics and more lore this time around.

It is obvious that the publisher wants their fans to know that they have listened to their feedbacks both positive and negative. Matthew Ward, the Cinematic Lead, even teased “I hope people complain about how much story we have,” during one of his recent interviews. Long-time fans of the FPS have always been vocal about their desire for more.

Cutscene comparisons between the two games

Surprisingly, hardcore fans have apparently counted all of the cutscenes from the original game and all of its expansion DLCs. They have counted only a total of 45, which is a far cry from the more than 50 promised by the sequel. Fans should take note that the latter number is for the second game in the franchise alone.

Future expansion DLCs are expected to add even more when they come out.

Additional content within the first year

Other than the substantial growth of the number of cutscenes in “Destiny 2”, Bungie has also promised a story that is easier to follow unlike before. So far, the official trailers have already established that the main antagonists will be the Cabal Empire and their leader, Ghaul. It was also revealed that the next two expansion DLCs will come out within the sequel’s first year.