The Sims 4” gameplay experience can be enhanced through adding some family pose packs created by several Simmers. Here are the five family custom pose packs that they should add in their game.

1 Children’s Bicycle Pose Pack by InaBadRomance

InaBadRomance’s the Bicycle Pose Pack is a children-oriented pack that is made with “The Sims 4” studio. It features family time, milestones, different types of children’s bikes, and custom thumbnails. It specifically allows parent Sims to capture their first child Sims’ first bike ride.

To make the best out of the Children’s Bicycle custom pose pack, Simmers need to add some extra contents and accessories.

It includes Andrew’s pose player and the teleport statue.

2 Group poses pack by Rinvalee

Players should also try the Group poses pack by Rinvalee. It will allow each Simmers to capture every moment as children and toddlers Sims act up. Moreover, it offers several poses for the Sims. It also requires a Pose player and the Teleport Any Sim.

3 Family portraits pack by Jinhee_a

In “The Sims 4,” players have been creating their own unique households based on their taste. They have created their Sims and fashioned them with all the skills they have. Hence, Simmers often want to show off their Sims families.

Simmers can do it through having a Family Portrait. Hence, they should not fail to try the Family Portraits that was made by Jinhee_a.

This pose pack is especially useful for players who are fond of storytelling and cherishing different occasions. It will allow them to capture family vacations, precious moments, and yearly portraits.

4 Swimming Poses by A-LuckyDay

“The Sims” also allows players to have fun with their family and friends at the pool. To make the best out of this gathering, Simmers should use the Swimming Pool Poses by A-LuckyDay.

Moreover, players should have the Beach Day CC pack created by Miguel.

5 Cuddling on the couch by buiterfri1

In “The Sims 4,” players can also have a “Mommy and Me” time with toddler Sims on the couch. To have this great experience, Simmers should have the Cuddling on the Couch pose pack by buiterfr1. It contains several random and special poses featuring a parent Sims having a quality time with her toddler.

Moreover, this pose pack features more intimacy between them such as cuddles and snuggling. It also features the toddler studying her mother’s face and playing with her earrings.

The Cuddling on the couch pose pack contains five poses. To make the best out of this pose pack, they should also download additional contents such as Andrew’s pose player and an updated Teleport Ay Sim. Simmers should also have a book accessory, which is required in the first three poses. With this, the pose pack will show a “Mommy and Me” time while the parent Sims reads a book along with her child. Simmers should also download Andrew’s pose pack and Teleport Any Sim.

There are still a lot of game contents and packs that are available to all players. Stay tuned for more "The Sims" update!