Summer Games 2017 is indeed nearing its release in “Overwatch.” While Doomfist is officially confirmed to be available in the game’s live server starting July 27, fans are wondering when the game’s summer event will be launched. Interestingly, recent data mine reveals audio to the highly anticipated game.

Latest data mine

A couple of sound files were recently uncovered through data mine. On Reddit, a user named pythonix has posted two new audio files believed to be referring the “Overwatch” Summer Games 2017. The first sound clip, according to the Redditor is the countdown sound for the upcoming Summer Games 2017 brawl.

The other sound file is reportedly the sound when the screen loads before the brawl match begin or brawl map loading.


Along with the sound clips found in data mine reportedly referring to the much-awaited summer event in the game, fans are speculating about the Lucioball. Last year, the summer event had a brawl popularly known as the Lucioball where players of both teams composed of three players are Lucio by default. They play in the only map available, which is the Estadio das Ras. The game follows the same rules in soccer or football and only lasts for four minutes. Numerous fans have been aching to have the same brawl mode back.

Other leaks

The Summer Games 2017 is coming to the game.

In the previous weeks, there were plenty of leaks, speculations, and data mined information that point to the summer event. Among these include the crash log of patch 1.13 which revealed that the patch’s title is Doomfist/Summer Games. There were also leaks reporting about the logo of the event. Moreover, some fans have uncovered several national flag player icons in the PTR server files.

Interestingly, these icons were given out in the past during the Summer Games.

If the latest leaks and speculations are accurate, fans would be enjoying the first ever repeat the event in the game. If this happens, this would be a sign of other events also getting the possibility of being released in the game again. Previously, Blizzard has released the Halloween Terror event, the Winter Wonderland event in December, and Chinese New Year’s Year of the Rooster event.

So far, these are all just speculations as Blizzard has not yet confirmed any of this information. Most likely, fans will hear more from the game developer after the official release of Doomfist in the game. For those who have not yet purchase the game, Blizzard has recently announced the retail version of “OverwatchGame of the Year Edition that comes with a bagful of goodies. Starting July 28, fans can get the physical version of the game at their favorite gaming stores.