Niantic has officially released the Legendaries in the widely played augmented reality game, “Pokemon Go.” The latest addition to the roster of pocket monsters is the strongest among all the creatures ever launched in the game. Lugia, the latest legendary type monster, is welcomed by the community with excitement but its arrival poses a serious challenge to players. Here is the latest guide with tips and tricks on how to beat the latest creature in the game.

New legendary

Popularly known as the guardian of the seas and the master of the legendary bird trio in the canon, Lugia is a Psychic/Flying type of pocket monster.

Initially, many players speculated that the creature is a Water-type pocket monster since it is protecting the seas. For players to be able to catch the creature, they have to beat it in a battle where it is the Raid Boss in Level 5 raid. In other words, so far, it is the most difficult raid boss to battle with. In the game, Raid Battles are both luck and numbers and the player would want to have the best strategy to defeat this powerful monster.

Tips and tricks

There were several pieces of advice from gaming sites previously about investing on Rock-type creatures to counter the Flying Legendaries when they were released. Even though Lugia can get massive damage from this type of pocket monster, there is also a great possibility that it can defeat all the Rock-type in a single blow given its strength.

One of the best Charge Moves of the legendary bird is Hydro Pump, which is the most powerful attack. Rock-type, when hit with just one attack, will be easily defeated. It is best that when the player enters a raid with Lugia, Dark and Electric type monsters must be used. These types can withstand the bird’s Charge move and cannot be easily knocked off.

Currently, since the legendary bird is new, the “Pokemon Go” community is still trying to figure out the raid. The collective presumption right now is that it would take at least eight players to take down the bird. Aside from that, players are given five minutes to beat the master of the legendary bird trio. This means that players must select pocket monsters that can deal with massive damage and can withstand a Charge Attack.

If the whole team gets defeated, there is still another chance to re-enter the raid with a new set of six monsters as long as it is still within the allotted time. Always have contingency creatures. Do not put all the best eggs in the first attempt, it is best to hold back the two from the initial team.