Mercy is one of the easiest heroes to use in “Overwatch” due to her kit, but she takes a good amount skill to actually master. While a learner player might use the character to walk around and heal, skilled Mercy fans know when to assist a certain team mate or when to hide during critical moments in the game. Ana or Lucio might have better utility over Mercy but this healer can easily sustain her allies and win a team fight with her ultimate ability. If you’ve got some decent hours on the hero and know her basic strategy, here are some advanced tips to make the most out of the “Overwatch” medic.

Use her Caduceus Blaster

Many “Overwatch” players have this mentality that the medic’s sidearm is a completely useless weapon and should hardly ever be used in a match. Mercy’s pistol can only deal 20 damage per bullet (40 if headshot), but it has a pretty fast firing rate and is surprisingly accurate. There will be moments during matches in the game where using her gun is better than providing a damage boost as your allies will be too distracted dealing with other opponents. It isn’t advisable for the medic to engage in a 1v1 battle but there will be times when defending yourself is the best option.

Know your limits when tending the wounded

Mercy has a really nifty ability called Guardian Angel where she’ll fly to a dead soul or ally as long as it’s within sight.

The ability has a super short cooldown and it’s a great way for her to escape from sticky situations or when she needs to heal a critically wounded ally. Sometimes your allies may stray a little too far from the group’s safe zone to kill enemies but end up with critical health instead.

As a Mercy main, do not ever leave your team to heal a single wounded ally, especially if it’s a 200 health hero.

It might be tempting to use Guardian Angel and save a teammate, but chances are they will already be dead by the time you get there. Moreover, enemies will be targeting Mercy next which puts not only you but also your team in a bad spot as they’ll lack a healer during a major team fight.

Timing your Rez

Mercy’s ultimate ability is one of the biggest game changers, so learning when to save and use it is essential if you want to master her.

The Resurrect charges quite quickly compared to other ultimate abilities, but you shouldn’t be using it carelessly as a team fight can start at any moment. On the other hand, you shouldn’t hold on to the ability for too long as you might miss some key moments in a match where you could have used it. The best way to use it is by hiding during team fights and waiting for your enemies to kill your team mates. However, don’t be afraid to rez one or two heroes, especially when in danger as the “Overwatch” hero in invulnerable as she casts it.