One of the highly anticipated first-person shooter games this year is the gravity-defying title “Lawbreakers.” Recently, Boss Key Productions released a new trailer for the game. The video introduces two characters who belong to the close-quarter combat expert class in the game also known as wraiths.

Latest trailer

The most recent trailer from the makers of the upcoming first-person shooter game, “LawBreakers” launched a new trailer that presents two mysterious characters named Helix and Deadlock. These men are classified as wraiths. The two characters that are both wraith predominantly appeared in the Latest Trailer.

While they belong to the same class, they both differ in personalities as shown in the video. Helix is connected with the Syndicate and is a wanted broker of weapons. On the other hand, Deadlock is a rich boy and is affiliated with the Archangels.

The Wraith class

However, the highlight of the trailer is not the two characters but the Wraith Class. Among the details revealed in the latest video are the class’ abilities and skills. The Wraith is a class in the game known for their stellar reputation in close-quarter combat with numerous weapons and skills.

Among its weapons includes the Wasp. A short sword that provides players with an adaptable melee weapon that can also be hurled at opponents.

If this weapon is paired with the automatic pistol known as the Spektor, the Wasp explodes creating a bloody aftermath.

Aside from its weapons, the class has impressive skills. The Wraith is easy to control and fast. It has a quick slide move that links the gap between opponents who are at a particular distance. Moreover, this class has several vertical options with double, triple, and wall jumps that players can enjoy.

Another interesting ability of the wraith that was shown in the trailer is the Chrono Switch. This is a shockwave that slows down your opponents’ movements. This does not only slow down movements, but it also reduces the speed of the opponents’ shot rate and unique abilities.

Other details

It appears that Boss Key Productions is slowly dripping more information about their upcoming first-person shooter game.

The upcoming title, “LawBreakers,” is scheduled to be released on August 8. It will be available for PC and PlayStation 4. For those who would like to have the physical release of the game’s collector’s edition, they can get it through Limited Run Games. Meanwhile, you can check out the latest trailer below and see for yourself the gravity-defying game with the wraith class in an exciting gameplay.