Barely two days ago, news about "The Sims 4" coming to the Xbox One came up online, and fans couldn't be more excited. In a report by True Achievements, a product page for the game appeared in the Microsoft Store, revealing a November 17 release date. What's even more interesting is the addition of the DeLuxe Party Edition that is expected to arrive on November 14, four days before the launching of the base game.

Currently, there is no price set for the game, and until such time Electronic Arts confirms it, players may start to pre order the game.

Meanwhile, the Microsoft Store has since removed the listing, sparking doubts that it was accidentally posted without EA's confirmation. At the moment, the publisher has not confirmed or given any statement whether "The Sims 4" is coming to the Xbox One.

What's included in the offer?

Before the removal from its listing "The Sims 4" on Xbox One when you pre order online will entitle the player to a free Perfect Patio Stuff. This feature includes hot tubs, more fashion and additional decorations. Just like how "The Sims" played on the PC platform, you play with life while you explore the vibrant world. You also build the perfect home and try to create a unique and beautiful Sims for the game.

Brief history of The Sims game

"The Sims 4" first launched on the PC platform in 2014 and since then, no other version has been released. Amid rumors that "The Sims 5" may arrive soon, Maxis in 2016 revealed that it could only happen if the current version lives up to their sales expectations. Apparently, the developer wants to play safe and see how "The Sims 4" will fare in the market for them to start planning the next version.

Meanwhile, did you know that "The Sims" franchise is included in TIME's best video games? First released in 2000, game designer Will Wright said, the game is purposely created to satisfy its American consumers. Later on, the game picked up and racked millions of users, which eventually led to the creation of sequels and new versions.

Meanwhile, the apparent removal of the game from the Xbox listing is brought by EA's lack of confirmation. It also brings the idea that it was accidentally posted even before everything is finalized. Take for example the absence of price listing for the game. For the rest of the players who can't wait to play the game on the Xbox One console, it is not indicated what regions the game will be available once it's ready for release.