Maxis is teasing fans of an all new teaser coming shortly and fans are so excited, they begin to speculate that it's either about the rumored Pets expansion or the much wanted Seasons DLC.

The Sims 4 news

Via the official Facebook account of "The Sims 4" in Brazil, the Sims team posted an excited Giphy image along with a caption hinting the fans of an impending news from the development team this week. It further teased by saying who's feeling ready for it.

Apparently, this latest announcement sends fans into a frenzy and believe that after all, Maxis is paying attention to the things they've been wanting from the current life simulation game.

There are two DLC packs they're most excited about - the leaked Dogs And Cats expansion pack or the Pets and another is the Seasons.

Dogs and Cats expansion

To review, the chatter of a Pets DLC coming to "The Sims 4" all started when Maxis conducted an official survey that explored how fans would like to see Pets added in the game. The rumor has kept on churning since then when a fan data mined a code that had mentioned dogs and cats in the game.

This was further backed by another modder who uncovered animation code that revealed more information about the Dogs and Cats expansion. It claimed that dogs and cats will be able to walk on objects such as counters, bars, refrigerator, tables, and beds.

Interestingly, two credible game retailers based in Czech and Slovakia have recently leaked the release date of the DLC in question in the pre-order listing on their official websites. Both revealed that Dogs and Cats expansion pack will be launched on Nov. 9 (Nov. 10 in the US).

Addition of Seasons

While there is much known about the possible addition of animals in the fourth game, clues and leaks have been sparse for the inclusion of seasons.

However, it has remained as one of the top requested features from the fans until now. They're hoping that Maxis is all ears to grant this wish soon.

In fact, the Sims team had notably responded to fan queries about seasons on Twitter, so there is quite a good chance that Maxis has been working on it for some time now and it will become available eventually in the game.

Toddler DLC

In its recent teaser for the third quarter, Maxis announced that toddlers are on their way to the game in late summer, although fans showed mixed reactions to this news. Some feel disappointed to see that there's one pack available for three months.

The toddlers were already around in Parenthood DLC launched in May this year but other Simmers are still excited about this addition.

So, which one do you think Maxis will announce next for "The Sims 4?" Is it Pets or Seasons DLC?