It's ironic how a pixelized game is being developed to fit a more comfortable 1080p graphics. According to TIME, the version of "Minecraft" on the Nintendo Switch is about to look better after the latest update revealed, it can now run at 1080p as opposed to the previous 720p. The report mentioned that when the game was shipped on May for the Nintendo platform, it was then currently locked at 720p for both TV and handheld device. This update will significantly increase the interest of more players.

Apparently, the 720p resolution is a precautionary move to make sure there will be no trouble when docking and undocking the Nintendo Switch.

After some time, Microsoft encouraged 4J Studios, the developer behind "Minecraft" to test the game at 1080p for the Switch platform. After series of performance optimization and triple checking the options, it is indeed possible to get the game at 1080p.

Statement from Minecraft developer

In a statement by 4J Studio CTO Richard Reavy, he said, "We did spend some time analyzing our GPU usage and optimizing things before we did this move as well. We needed to spend some time looking at the fill rate and being more careful with that, just because of the number of pixels in 1080p." He also mentioned that one of his main objectives is to make sure, fans will not notice anything brought by the changes, except for the better resolution.

Lagging is one thing that they did not want to happen. And because the Nintendo Switch is a gaming platform that has a dock and can be removed and attached at any point, the possibility of the "Minecraft" game suffering from seconds of delay is a risk. Citing that the 1080p on Switch is the game's "biggest technical revision" so far, Reavy said that it is still inferior to that of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console.

Other updates on the Minecraft game

Meanwhile, this new update on "Minecraft" for the Nintendo Switch is not the only one that is available. According to IGN, the new patch also includes a wealth of bug fixes and the inclusion of the free Glide track, Canyon as well as the Biome Settlers 2 Skin pack. The "Minecraft: Switch Edition" is becoming more popular and the latest update on its resolution could eventually convince other players to try it.

The Gamespot featured the complete list of "Minecraft: Switch Edition's" patch notes wherein, it includes improved performance in Solo Glide when restarting the level as well as fixed some areas where it was possible to escape from Battle maps or Glide tracks.