REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA - Electronic Arts (EA) and Maxis officially announced that “The Sims 4” is coming to Xbox One and PS4 on November 17, 2017. It will also offer amazing features and additional content. Here are the details and everything players should know.

“The Sims 4” for Xbox One and PS4 has been recently leaked. Executive producer Lyndsay Pearson revealed that they have been talking about this great step for years already. She added by saying, "We just had to find the right time, resources, and design to allow us to start the heavy process of actually building and bringing toddlers to life.

And believe me when I say it has been really really difficult to not talk about this as we worked to get it right."

'The Sims 4' officially confirmed for game consoles

In a press release, EA and Maxis confirmed that the simulation game will be released on Xbox One and PS4 consoles on November 17, 2017. Pearson said that it is set to deliver a beautiful “The Sims” experience on consoles with tons of fan-favorite content.

Content add-ons and pre-order freebies

“The Sims 4” for Xbox One and PS4 offers two versions that include the Standard and Deluxe Party versions which cost $49.99 and $59.99, respectively. Players can now pre-order any of the two versions, and they will receive the Perfect Patio Stuff pack as a bonus.

This pre-order freebie will feature new hot tubs and a wide range of bonus décor for an outdoor oasis.

If players want to access and play the game three days early on November 14, they should buy the Deluxe Party Edition. Aside from the Perfect Patio Stuff pack, players who buy this version will also receive special content such as a Flaming Tiki Bar and outrageous costumes.

It also features the Life of the Party, Up all Night, and Awesome Animal Hats DLC.

Features and what players can expect

“The Sims 4” in game consoles will offer creativity, inclusivity, and freedom of choice just like how it was on PC and Mac. Simmers can create unique Sims with and control them in a virtual world. They can also use more customization options, develop relationships between Sims, and let them pursue careers.

Moreover, players can also build beautiful homes using the new room-based Build mode and more decors.

The upcoming game will also keep the same emotional connection to players. Moreover, it will offer the same DLC that was offered in its PC version.

More for Xbox One users

EA also announced that EA Access subscribers on Xbox One can access the game a week early. This is set on November 9, 2017. This will be sampled for free but for a limited time only. More periodic game updates and extra content releases will be revealed soon. Stay tuned for more “The Sims” updates!