The Witcher 3” is one of the most popular RPG's today and so far, players have posted numerous positive reviews about the game. Recently, the title landed in the 20th spot on the list of the best role playing games of all time. The CD Projekt Red’s third game installment joins the list of several iconic games that has been around for several generations and multiple iterations.

Best RPG of all-time list

Famitsu previously conducted an online poll among fans for the Best RPG of All Time based on the readers’ votes. The gaming publication released the result recently with CD Projekt Red’s title grabbing the 20th spot and garnering 76 total votes.

The majority of the titles that dominate the poll are both Western or Japanese titles and classic games and it is interesting to note that “The Witcher 3” has taken 20th spot.

Top 10

The list is topped by “Persona 5” dethroning “Final Fantasy XV” as the last year’s best RPG of all-time. The 15th installment of the FF franchise took the 10th spot in this year’s ranking. “Persona 5” was followed by “Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation,” at the second spot and “Chrono Trigger” in the third spot. “NieR: Automata,” and “Final Fantasy VII” trailed in the fourth and fifth spots. The sixth place was secured by “Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.” “Suikoden II” landed seventh on this year’s poll.

“NieR” followed in the eighth spot with “Person 3” at ninth spot.

The poll was based on the votes from readers in Japan. Interestingly, while the majority of the games listed in the top 20 almost have the same gameplay, the third game installment from CD Projekt Red managed to get in despite its unique gameplay from the rest of the titles listed.

Japanese gamers have their own preferences when it comes to role playing games, and the feat of the rank of 20 is an impressive one.

The Witcher 3” was adjudged the best game in 2015. It reaped almost 200 Game of the Year awards in all gaming websites across the globe. With its interesting plot and gameplay, as well as impressive visuals, it is no surprise that gamers across the globe liked it.

Indeed CD Projekt Red’s third game installment has made an impressive feat in the gaming world and they truly deserve the recognition. I will give you more updates about your favorite role playing game as soon as information becomes available. Meanwhile, you can check out the gameplay of Famitsu’s 20th best RPG of all-time in 2017, enjoy!