Depending on the use of special items, you can evolve Eevee into different types of varieties. In this guide, we'll take a look at how can we evolve the creature into Umbreon, Espeon, Jolteon, Flareon, or Vaporeon.

How a trainer evolves a Pokemon has become less complicated in "Pokemon Go," with the advent of Candy. It is imperative for you to know that you cannot resort to using the failsafe method that involves using one of three elemental stones in order to transform Eevee in one of five other aforesaid creatures.

More about Eeveelution

It is a Pokemon species that bears a striking resemblance to a fox.

It evolves into five different types of creatures: Water-type, Fire-type, Electric-type, Psychic-type, and a Dark-type. In "Pokemon Go," you are not only allowed to catch Eevees but can also evolve them into their primordial second self.

There's more than one way to evolve Eevee. For instance, you can evolve the coveted creature by achieving target stats, and elemental stones just to name a few. However, when it comes to Niantic Labs' mobile sensation, the creature's evolutions seems to be quite random, but fret not.

A Redditor, smithnigel, claims they've discovered an assured method to evolve it into your desired form without breaking much of a sweat. The said method summons characters in the time honored episodes of the Pokemon anime series i.e.

"The Kimono Sisters" and “The Battling Eevee Brothers."

In other words, Eevee's evolution is directly affected by the name you give it. Here's how to evolve the popular creature in "Pokemon Go."

Evolving Eevee

First off, capture the highly sought after in the case that you still do not have one. Next to where it says "Eevee," you'd see a pencil icon, tap it in order to change its name.

  • For Flareon, name your Eevee "Pyro"
  • For Jolteon, name your Eevee "Sparky"
  • For Vaporeon, name your Eevee "Rainer"
  • For Espeon, name your Eevee "Sakura"
  • For Umbreon, name your Eevee "Tamao"

As soon as you finish renaming the creature, quit and restart the "Pokemon Go" app to register the new names to the game's servers. Now, reopen the app, and head straight to the Pokemon menu and tap "Evolve" to see your evolved Eevee.

You need ample Eevee candy for this evolution to take place.

It's unclear whether or not Niantic Labs came up with this method of evolving an Eevee in order to honor the Pokemon anime, or if it's a mere coincidence.

Nevertheless, how your Eevee evolves depends on the name you give it. It's also worth noting that the success rate for this approach of Eeveelution is considerably high.

Watch this video footage that shows how to evolve it into Espeon and Umbreon.