"Spider-man" PS4 developer Insomniac Games has whet the appetite of fans with the latest and exciting details on the classic characters, villains, story and more interestingly, Peter’s complicated romance in the upcoming Marvel web-slinging superhero title. But sadly enough, it’s still keeping the game’s release date a secret until now.

Peter’s romance will just be as complicated

Following the official reveal of Marvel’s “Spider-Man” at E3 2017 in June, creative director Bryan Intihar has discussed more Spider-Man’s alter ego, Peter, and his complicated romance in his most recent interview with Daily Star.

Intihar confirmed that while the PS4 exclusive game will also evolve around popular characters in the Marvel universe, players will be playing the role of Peter Parker sans his superhero suit.

He said that Peter is an essential part of the whole game experience and when quizzed about Mary Jane, he only said that the main character will have a romantic interest, without going further into the details. On Twitter, the studio also told curious fans that Peter has someone special in his life and as expected, it’s going to be a complicated one.

A healthy mix of classic characters

The creative director went on to say that “Spider-Man” PS4 will have a healthy mix of classic characters, namely Kingpin and newbies such as Mr.

Negative – who is also known as Martin Li, the owner of the food shelter whom Peter’s Aunt May works for.

According to Intihar, Marvel’s “Spider-Man” is set over multiple days and not just a single day. He added that the game will feature different weather stages, although, he did not talk about how the weather will impact the gameplay as it isn’t the right time just yet.

The main story teased

Insomniac Games has also tweeted more information regarding the main story of the game. In the new game, Peter Parker has already been web-slinging and saving New York City from villainous elements for eight years.

Peter also designs his own suit and technology with his inventiveness and lab experiences.

Furthermore, the developer also revealed about the web-swinging in the game:

“Spider-Man” is developed exclusively by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4. An exact release date has not been announced yet at this point but it is slated to arrive in 2018. Watch the official gameplay trailer unveiled at E3 2017 below.