Marvel and gaming fans are in for a treat as new details for the new "Spider-Man" game for the PlayStation 4 have been teased this week regarding the Map size, how players will fight main villains and a D23 Expo appearance.

'Spider-Man's' map size comparisons

Video game fans were able to see a glimpse of "Spider-Man" PS4's open-world map during the game's demo presentation at E3 2017, however, one question seems to always be on everyone's mind: "just how big is the map going to be?" Luckily, the game developer, Insominiac Games tweeted a responds regarding the map size and stated that it will be "several times larger" than Sunset City in "Sunset Overdrive."

Although the actual map size is still unknown, players will have a fun and exciting time exploring the huge map of New York as the web-slinger himself.

Insomniac Games also confirmed during the E3 2017 presentation that game's open-world map and features will be accessed from the start.

Tackling the web-slinger's villains

Insomniac Games teased that players will encounter new and classic Spider-Man characters and villains in the PS4 game. The E3 2017 demo featured villains like Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin and Martin Li/Mister Negative, while the structures like Daily Bugle and Oscorp could mean that J. Jonah Jameson and Norman Osborn/Green Goblin are not far off from making an appearance in the game.

The game developers also teased how boss encounters happen in the "Spider-Man" PS4 game. Creative director Bryan Intihar told PlayStation Magazine UK during an interview that players will need to use "dynamic strategies" when fighting them.

Intihar added that the reason they added Mister Negative and his gang, the Inner Demons, to the game is that they wanted to challenge gaming fans during combat.

"One of the reasons we chose the Inner Demons is because they have the negative weapons that require the player to mix up strategies they use," Intihar said. "We want to find villains that force Spider-Man and the player to mix up how they play: really push and pull them as much as possible."

It is not yet known how many villains Peter Parker will face, but Intihar's statements suggest that the full game will likely have memorable and intense boss battles, as well as offering unique ways as to how players can beat them.

D23 Expo appearance teased

It was announced that the new "Spider-Man" game will be making its appearance at the D23 Expo event this weekend alongside other video game titles "Star Wars Battlefront 2" and "Kingdom Hearts 3."

The game reveals are a part of D23's game show called "Level Up" starting July 15 at 1PM PT/4PM ET/9PM BST.

It wlll be live streamed on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube. Video game personalities JackSepicEye and Strawburry17 will be hosting the show.

"Spider-Man" PS4 will launch in early 2018 for the PlayStation 4 console.