Insomniac Games PlayStation 4 exclusive game, “Spider-Man” is slated to release next year. The game publisher launched the interesting gameplay demo during the E3 2017 event. Despite the reveal, fans are still craving to learn more about the upcoming action-adventure game.

Latest details

Initially, “Spider-Man” game was announced at the E3 2016 event. The second reveal with the gameplay and several game details took place in this year’s E3 event. Fans started talking about the gameplay as well as the visual downgrade that the studio allegedly did.

Insomniac Games denied the allegations. According to the studio, the visual quality of the action-adventure title is still intact from the first time it was launched to the public. It has been a habit among gamers, hardcore or not, to keep track of the visual quality of the games from the reveal, to the gameplay, up to the official release. Despite the game developers’ claim that no downgrade was made, most often, upon detailed gameplay analysis, the allegations end up being true.

Map size

Given that the upcoming action-adventure title from Insomniac is an open-world game, several fans are wondering about the size of its map.

On the official Twitter account of the studio, a fan inquired how big the title’s open world will be. According to Insomniac, the in-game recreation of New York City will be several times larger than Sunset City. In another title made by the game studio, Sunset City refers to the open world city in their Xbox One exclusive “Sunset Overdrive.”

Spyro remaster

Another fan brings up that the latest remaster job by Naughty Dog on Crash Bandicoot has been successful.

He then asked about the possibility of “Spyro: Year of the Dragon” remaster, quipping that it would be awesome. However, the game studio could not confirm this at the moment. According to Insomniac, the decision lies with Activision. Moreover, the studio clarified that even if a remaster happens, they will probably not work something that is similar to that of Naughty Dog ‘s “Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy.”

From the latest gameplay of “Spider-Man” for PlayStation 4, it appears that the villain Mr.

Negative will play a significant role in the story. Also, Peter Parker, the game’s main character, in the last scene of the trailer appears to be hinting at the potential role of Miles Morales in the upcoming game.

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