The Latest Trailer for the PlayStation 4 exclusive game, “Spider-Man” has been released today. It shows several of the highly anticipated behind-the-scenes footage scenes of the game’s development team in the process of creating the web-swinging super hero.

Latest villain introduced

Aside from the gameplay video, there is also an interesting developer’s commentary that was released along with it. Moreover, it also shows an image of what appears to be the first clear appearance of one of the most popular villains in the franchise, Wilson Fisk, most commonly known as The Kingpin.

The shot is just one of the many interesting scenes in the latest trailer. However, what catches the attention of many fans is the Kingpin of Crime fighting in an environment that appears to be luxurious enough to be The Kingpin’s hideout. Insomniac Games have yet to make a confirmation if indeed the person in the scene mentioned above is indeed The Kingpin.

Other details

According to “Spider-Man” Lead Writer John Paquette, working for the upcoming title is both easy and hard. He said that the greatest thing about his job is that he is working on the web-slinging hero’s game. Interestingly, he also found it was the hardest thing that he has done.

On the other hand, Art Director Jacinda Chew shares that the upcoming title will also provide more of the human story of the hero.

This is through Insomniac Games’ approach of making both of Peter Parker’s worlds collide. It seems that the double life of Peter that fans have seen in the movies will continue in the game. In the upcoming action-adventure title, Parker has been living as the web-slinging hero for eight long years. In other words, the hero is much more experienced as compared to the usual that fans see in the films.

With the latest trailer, fans will get a first look at the upcoming action-adventure title's development process. Aside from creating the much-needed hype for the game, the latest video surely has some more details about PlayStation 4 exclusive title. Meanwhile, it was previously revealed that Mr. Negative and his Inner Demons will also be among the super hero’s long list of villains.

Players will surely look forward to the introduction of other villains in the game.

The PlayStation 4 exclusive game, “Spider-Man” will be released in the later part of 2017 or early 2018. We will give you more updates about your favorite action-adventure game as soon as more information becomes available.