It’s about time, isn’t it? It took quite a while, in fact, after 12 long years and a slew of speculated release dates, but a new trailer for the highly-anticipated “Kingdom Hearts 3” has confirmed that it will arrive sometime in 2018. As expected, the confirmation sent fans into a frenzy, and on Twitter, a meltdown is rife.

Director Tetsuya Nomura revealed the new clip at D23, a conference dedicated to all things related to Disney that happens every other year. What most fans failed to notice at first was two words they all have been waiting for: “coming 2018,” but eagle-eyed KH3 followers later saw it, much to their delight.

A proper release window for the next entry is all they’ve been waiting for after all, ever since the game was announced back in 2013.

'KH3' fans now await a release date

The launch date still remains a mystery, and nothing is known beyond this point besides what’s shown in the new “Toy Story” themed footage. But the clip revealed at the D23 expo dropped some hints: Sora, along with Goofy and Donald, will team up with Woody and Buzz Light Year.

The new D23 trailer was announced last month, which Nomura said “will be longer than the orchestra trailer” and that it will contain “final information,” according to translations. Fans had not understood what he exactly meant by that, which caused speculations, that the director might be referring to a final release date.

And while it’s not a release date, at the very least, we have a final release window, especially since “Kingdom Hearts 3” had been tagged for “2018 and beyond” in one of Square Enix’s official documents.

Confirmed Worlds in ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’

Despite the very little information we have on "KH3," various clips of "KH3" have served as a confirmation of the many Worlds players will be able to explore.

One of them is the frequently shown Mt. Olympus from “Hercules,” where a clash against a giant rock Titan will take place. Another trailer-confirmed World is “Toy Story,” where Sora and Andy’s toys will find themselves battling enemies in Andy’s room and the front yard of their house.

Mysterious Tower, home of Yen Sid; and Twilight Town, where the Nobodies reside, will be returning in the next installment.

The last D23 expo two years back also confirmed San Fransokyo from “Big Hero 6.” A series of artwork released in 2016 depicted Sora and Baymax battling an evil Baymax, but to this point had not been confirmed by Square Enix. Finally, fans will also get the chance to marvel at “Tangled’s” Kingdom of Corona, where adventures with Rapunzel are to watch out for.

Kingdom Hearts 3” is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While the game isn’t currently in the works for the Nintendo Switch, Nomura hasn’t ruled out the possibility.