A research firm called QuanticFoundry reported that “Overwatch” is the most gender diverse first-person shooter title in the gaming world. The firm also notes that the total number of women playing the game is two times more than the second most gender-diverse shooter game. Aside from offering interesting events and rolling in patches, Blizzard has provided a game that appeals to women.

Recent findings

The “Overwatch” player base is made up of 16 percent of women. In other words, that would be approximately 5 million female players. Translating these figures into sales would mean more than $250 million in Blizzard’s revenue.

Renowned Research Scientist Nick Yee revealed in an interview with New World Notes that the first person shooter game appeal to women the most because of several factors. According to him the game’s settings, powers, as well as the interesting assortment of the cast all add up to the game's overall impact to female players. The research scientist added that most FPS doesn’t have female protagonists.

Women love to kill in a creative fashion

For many women, guns are unimaginative and the most uninteresting weapon to be used for killing. Through Blizzard’s popular first-person shooter, women find alternative and creative ways of killing that do not involve guns. In other words, women, in general, find the usual war setup in gaming uninspiring.

They would rather kill opponents using a rocket launcher mid-air or kill enemies using seismic slam. Several games have drab color palettes that are found in the usual war and action games that women find less appealing. Despite being a first-person shooter game, the environment that Blizzard offers to gamers is very different.

It uses striking colors that depart from the usual black and red.

Latest update

Meanwhile, Blizzard recently rolled out changes to heroes in patch 1.13, which is currently in the game’s Public Test Region. Several heroes received fixes and enhancements. Among them are Reaper, McCree, Zarya, and Reinhardt. Blizzard also released a new set of skins, voice-lines, emotes, and sprays for the game’s latest hero on PTR, Doomfist.

The Nigerian hero also got his Rocket Punch nerfed. It had a range of 30 meters during its release and is now down to only 20 meters.

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