Last year, Nintendo delivered a product that immediately called out to nostalgic gamers around the globe. The NES Classic Edition created a never-before-seen demand for retro gaming that resulted in stock shortages all throughout the holiday season. The throwback game system emulated several classic games from the company’s old library that rekindled childhood memories for most gamers. The product was almost impossible to find among different physical retail shops as well as online. Desperate consumers even resorted to purchasing their units from resellers for more than the asking price.

The Japanese gaming giant was negatively criticized for its poor handling of the retro console’s inventory, which several market analysts suspected was intentional to drive up demand for the device. They eventually announced that the retro console will be discontinued to the disappointment of many consumers still hoping to purchase one. However, several sources suspected that the cancellation meant that the Snes Classic Edition is the gaming firm’s next project.

E3 2017 rumors

During the recent game expo, there were reported rumors that claimed Nintendo has a new Classic system in development. Industry experts were already suspecting that it is only logical for the Japanese company to bank on the success of the NES Classic Edition and release a follow-up.

Therefore, it appears that their suspicions were on point as Nintendo of America officially announced the snes classic edition via Twitter. The new retro console is scheduled to release on Sept. 29, 2017 along with a $79.99 USD price tag in tow. Based on the box art, the retro game system will come with two classic SNES controllers along with several pre-installed games.

Some of the included titles are beloved classics like “Super Mario World”, “Donkey Kong Country”, “F-Zero”, “Super Mario Kart”, and “The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past”. Furthermore, some hard to find games like “Earthbound” and the never-released sequel “Star Fox 2”. The latter titles were considered very rare by most gamers.

Retro console availability

Most consumers already expect that the new SNES Classic Edition will be in great demand this holiday season. If Nintendo fails to address their manufacturing and inventory control issues from last year, then gamers can expect the same stock shortages this time around. Business experts suggest that the company should ensure global availability in order to reap great profits. It is quite obvious that the incredible popularity of these classic devices deserves an unlimited run to maximize their earnings.