Following its official launch, “Pokemon GO” quickly gained worldwide popularity, as people were astonished by the game’s mechanics. The augmented reality game forces players to go outside the comfort of their homes and capture pocket monsters in the wilderness. Eventually, people realize that the game is more than just acquiring Pokemon.

Basically, “Pokemon GO” somehow provides health benefits to players who play it. They are, in one way or another, exercising their muscles as they play outside and look for creatures to capture. This further boosted the game’s popularity, as it turns people to health enthusiasts.

How the game is making players healthy

According to The Star, a study suggests that the hit mobile game more than doubles the exercise levels of players. That is because they unknowingly spend a couple of hours on their feet instead of staying in-house and watching TV, among others. In fact, regardless of the hours devoted to playing the game, players still acquire a certain amount of health benefits. There is a good explanation why unlike any other games, Niantic’s mobile app exceeds regarding health benefits.

Scientists explain that “Pokemon GO” does not promote sedentary activity, one that prevents people from going outside and putting their muscles into work. Although playing the game does not require rigorous efforts, it is enough to keep the heart running and pumping.

True enough, the mobile game encourages walking (and even running at times), while reducing sitting. This is a significant milestone, one that can put the game app’s success further.

Health experts on Niantic’s game

Health experts, however, admit that “Pokemon GO” did not immediately start providing health benefits. At first, players were keen to go outside and would rather stay indoors, most especially after downloading the game the first few weeks.

Later on, though, benefits continued to persist for weeks. The game started showing signs of promoting a huge change in people’s health behavior, with walking being an epitome.

The concept of “Pokemon GO” is pretty simple, and it is unlike any other titles in the competition. There are pocket monsters in the wilderness and can be captured using PokeBalls, just similar to how it is done in the animated series.

But to do so, players will have to go outside and look for the Pokemon. Once they do, they can start capturing them right away. This process encourages players to use their feet and walk some distances just to reach the creature’s destination.