Niantic finally rolled out the first-year anniversary event in “Pokemon GO,” with a handful of exciting stuff for players. There is an Anniversary Box full of various in-game items and, more importantly, there is a new special variety of Pikachu. Interestingly, the studio deployed yet another surprise for the fans of the hit mobile game, and it surely is making the event even more interesting.

According to GameRant, Niantic is boosting the acquirable experience points (XP) from all raids in “Pokemon GO.” This means that in every raid that players participate, they would be getting massive amount of XPs.

This is, obviously, in celebration of the ongoing first-year anniversary event of the game.

Massive XPs in Raid Battles

When the aforementioned event was launched, many were not entirely excited due to the surprises included. Players felt like the first birthday of the game was nothing extraordinary, though there’s a rare Pikachu to capture. However, the developers iterated that more surprises will be deployed during the duration of the event. Although they did not exactly specific what these would be, they assured the fans of the authenticity.

True to their words, Niantic started adding exciting stuff to the ongoing “Pokemon GO” event. The latest is a great increase in XPs that players can acquire from participating in Raid Battles.

This is definitely a huge boost, considering how ridiculous it has been for players to move from one level to another. For instance, going from level 39 to level 40 would only be possible if they obtain at least 5 million XPs. This is without a doubt a rigorous task to undergo.

The numbers involved

If players compete in a single “Pokemon GO” raid, they are likely to acquire at least 3000 XP by default.

Interestingly, this figure can be doubled if and only if they utilize a Lucky Egg, which should give the item a significant use in the game. Remember, players complained about the in-game item being insignificant, as its importance in gyms has diminished. However, they later found out that Lucky Eggs can actually be used to gain double XPs in Raid Battles, a feature that lets players work alongside other players in order to defeat raid bosses.

Once “Pokemon GO” players complete a raid, a text prompt will surface onscreen, announcing that they just acquired 3000 XP. There are players, though, suggesting that, in one way or another, they are getting far more of the promised XPs. This seem to be on a random process, but Niantic has yet to confirm. Whether or not it is true, there is still a huge reason for players to try their luck on raids.