Deep Silver has recently made some of their game titles available on the Humble Bundle website as game bundles that can be bought for cheap. Interested buyers will definitely get their money’s worth with the number of good titles being offered.

The one dollar plus package

The newest Humble Bundle video game package comes from the makers of the popular open world “Saints Row” franchise. Fans will be happy to know that those who will pay a dollar or more will be able to get four great games already.

The one dollar plus package includes “Risen 3: Titan Lords” Complete Edition, “Homefront,” “Deadlight: Director’s Cut,” and the classic “Saints Row 2.”This package alone is worth a lot of cash already with the popularity of the second iteration of the “Saints Row” series and the horror video game.

Paying the average to unlock more

Aside from the one dollar plus package, interested buyers can also purchase the more than the average bundle, which contains four more game titles from the game publisher and one more, which will unlock in six more days. Buyers can get two more “Saints Row” titles like the “Saints Row: The Third” and “Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell,” “Mighty No. 9,” and “Killer Is Dead” Nightmare Edition.

The third tier has the good stuff

For the $15 tier or third tier of the Humble Bundle game package, interested buyers will be getting some of the latest game titles from Deep Silver. For $15 or more, they can get “Homefront: The Revolution” standard edition, “Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition,” which contains all DLCs, “Saints Row: The Third” The Full Package, also complete with DLCs, and a DLC pack of Devil’s Workshop for “Saint’s Row: Gat Out of Hell.”

Each of these latest game titles values at least as much as $40, which is really worth it for the buyers.

The old titles might be cheaper though, but these are still good games to play. This is a good chance for game title collectors to purchase right now because they can spend less money for a lot of games.

Paying $75 and a bonus for all package deals

For the interested buyers who are willing to pay $75 or more to buy all of these game titles, they will also get to pre-order the upcoming game of Deep Silver, which is “Agents of Mayhem.” They can also get their keys right away after paying it.

They will also a 10 percent discount off of their first month of Humble Monthly.

Telltale Games Humble Bundle package ending soon

Frequent buyers of Humble Bundle packages will have to hurry soon if they still want to buy the Telltale Games Humble Bundle package. The offer will be ending after six days, which is not enough time. They will be able to get a lot of the latest games from the popular game developer and also some of their classic ones as well.

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