Zombie shooting games are very popular now. Thanks to the hit TV show “Walking Dead,” these types of games are making waves in the gaming industry. However, fans and gamers of the very first open-world and first person based zombie shooting game “Dead Island” would still need to wait for the second installment. According to the developer of the game, Sumo Digital, “Dead Island 2” will still be released soon.

The game is still in development

Sumo Digital assured fans of the game that there still be a second installment to be released in the market.

Even if there are a lot of development problems, the developers reassure everyone that the second installment is still alive and in development. In addition to that, a report released by Eurogamer stated that the game is not abandoned yet. Contrary to a lot of rumors circulating in the gaming world, this is just a roadblock during the game’s development.

Dead Island 2” was initially scheduled for development by the company Deep Silver. However, Deep Silver's split with Yager caused the development of the game to be postponed. The good news for the awaiting fans is that Sumo Digital decided to take over the game. The game developer decided to pick up where Deep Silver stopped and resume the development of “Dead Island 2.”

However, there is still no update whether where they already are or when the game will be released.

As stated by Eurogamer, Sumo Digital responded to their inquiry immediately. When asked by Eurogamer about what the status of the game is as well as any updates to the game, Sumo Digital responded that the team is already making progress with Deep Silver's most successful IP.

New graphics for ‘Dead Island 2’

Games Industry reported that Sumo Digital acquired the leading digital art and design studio Atomhawk for an undisclosed amount.

The studio worked with a lot of popular movies and games such as the high-profile movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" and the record-breaking game "Injustice 2." If the rumors are true, Atomhawk might be working in the graphics for the game.

Even if Deep Silver delayed the release of the game back in 2016, there is still hope for the fan-favorite zombie game.

According to a report by Polygon, there are still three additional titles for the "Dead Island" franchise. These three titles are the "Escape Dead Island," "Riptide," and "Epidemic." With these titles in place, fans of the game are assured to have the second installment in their hands.

Meanwhile, while waiting for the game, Xbox users can still get hold of the original game. According to a recent announcement by Xbox, users can now download the game starting at the beginning of July. "Dead Island: Definitive Edition" is now available on the gaming console. Other game titles such as "Resident Evil 6," "Bard's Gold," and "The Flame in the Flood" were confirmed to be released too.