Golden guns play a big part in “Overwatch” competitive play as fans will earn points for winning matches. These competitive points are saved up and then used as a currency for golden versions of a character’s weapon. However, this nifty upgrade doesn’t affect gameplay in any way but merely adds a stylized touch to the weapon.

Similarly, having a golden weapon usually, doesn’t indicate any form of skill either as there are players from all ranks that have golden weapons. Instead, these golden weapons merely show how active a person it during competitive seasons.

They also act as an incentive for other players to try playing the said mode to reap these rewards. In line with this, a few characters also get a golden touch on their other items. A prime example would be that Torbjorn gets a golden turret while Ana’s sleep dart gun also changes color.

An idea for Sombra’s golden kit

One Redditor named ArielleSweetSugar is such a big fan of the hacker character, Sombra, that she decided to make a few modifications to Sombra’s golden weapon scheme. Aside from her gun, SweetSugar changed the metallic parts of Sombra’s finger to gold which adds a sleek and sophisticated design.

The Redditor claimed that the “Overwatch” hero’s playstyle mainly revolves around sneaking around the field and hacking both health packs and enemies.

With this in mind, it would only make sense to add a golden touch to Sombra’s other kit: her left hand. She also added the same golden touch to Sombra’s other costumes like Cyberspace and Los Muertos.

Reaction from fans

The post has received over 12 thousand upvotes with netizens fawning over the fan’s design.

Many players expressed their approval for the design in the sea of comments on the post. One Redditor even joked that Sombra has got the “Midas touch” which is a reference to the cursed king who turns everything he touches to gold. Another netizen even suggested that Sombra should also get a gold translocator that she uses to teleport around the field with.

Meanwhile, other fans have been requesting SweetSugar to make skins for other characters as well. It is still unsure if Blizzard has seen their post but “Overwatch” game director Jeff Kaplan has previously mentioned that he frequently visits the forums. With this in mind, there may be a slight chance that they will implement the Redditor’s idea in the game. For now, fans will just have to wait for further news if they will patch in Sombra’s golden hand in “Overwatch.”