Bungie has certainly caught the attention of its veteran "Destiny" player base when it revealed the new subclass changes for "Destiny 2." The developer seems to have taken the original main three subclasses and tweaked some of their abilities and supers. Industry insiders have shared speculations that the development team has added new perks and removed previous abilities that were considered not helpful. Ever since the sci-fi shooter's first gameplay debut last May and E3 2017 showcase, gamers were able to see and try out the Warlock's Dawnblade subclass and the Hunter's Arcstrider subclass.

The Titan's Sentinel subclass was somehow kept away from the spotlight.

Enter the void

"Destiny" veterans probably recall that the original Titan subclass was called the "Defender." Gamers using the aforementioned option enjoyed defense perks and a super ability called Ward of Dawn, which summons a defensive bubble of void energy that blocks enemy attacks and projectiles. However, a recent gameplay reveals showcases the new Sentinel subclass in "Destiny 2." According to the footage, some of the abilities of the Defender Titans seem to have been carried over to the sequel.

Super shield

Once activated, a Sentinel Titan's Super summons a shield that can be used to charge towards opponents and deal damage or it can be thrown instead (based on earlier trailers).

Gamers describe the attacks as something similar to a Bladedancer Hunter's lunge strikes. However, the multiplayer footage focuses more on the melee attacks and other special abilities. The video also shows that players can use the Titan's special ability to summon a protective wall to negate enemy fire. Furthermore, Bungie has revealed that players can consume the super meter to drop a protective bubble like the Ward of Dawn.

Familiar abilities and changes to recharge times

Another familiar ability from the original game is the Titan's Suppressor grenade. The gameplay video confirms that the useful explosive ordnance makes its comeback in the sequel. It can cancel the opponent's special abilities, supers, and prevent the usage of jump abilities like lifts or teleports.

The sequel also made some changes to recharge times in order to make PVP matches more balanced. The developer could have also made the changes so that players rely more on their skills and weapons instead of their special abilities.

"Destiny 2" players new to the franchise won't really find the changes important. However, veterans who are used to the buffs and protection provided by the Ward of Dawn will surely miss the subclass. Meanwhile, the Sentinel Titan appears to be a more mobile and defensive option for players to start adapting to when the game launches on Sept. 6, 2017, for consoles, while PC players get to start playing on Oct. 24, 2017.