Niantic Labs released another update that brings back the favorite leader of Team Instinct, Spark. The latest update also rolled out fixes for some bugs found in “Pokemon Go” including those related to the game crashing and freezing. It appears that the developers are now hard at work to find and resolve the many problems that keep on pestering the augmented reality game.

Spark is back

Several days ago, players were looking for Spark. The fan-favorite leader of Team Instinct was missing in the game. His role and responsibilities of appraising the pocket monsters were suddenly assumed by Candela.

The game developer has confirmed the disappearance of the team leader. The good news is he is now back in the game.


Aside from bringing back Spark in the game, the latest “Pokemon Go” update also rolled out the much-needed fixes. Among these includes the Motivation Decay Bug for pocket monsters who have CP below 3,000. When the in-game Gym System was first launched, monsters that have lesser than 3000 CP lost motivation at a significantly faster rate compared to other creatures.

Interestingly, some players thought that the game was just trying to encourage players not to leave defenders of higher levels in the game. Others assumed that a bug is causing the game’s higher rate of motivation decay.

The truth is Niantic Labs intentionally designed all pocket monsters to have this type of motivation decay rate.

With the latest update, Gym Defending creatures will lose CP at approximately 10 percent per hour rate. In other words, these creatures must be provided with berries to keep them in shape for the battles. Noticeably, the remote feeding has been reactivated since last week.

With the latest game update, players will notice changes in the motivation decay in the in-game gyms now.

In addition to the motivation decay changes, bugs causing the game to crash and freeze are also resolved. Recently, the most common report among players is encountering the bug that causes the game to freeze every time all six creatures faint in the Raid.

While fans were already experts in the Raids, the introduction of the Legendary Birds, Articuno and Lugia has caused players to experience bugs.

Record-breaking feat

Meanwhile, mobile marketing intelligence firm, Sensor Tower has reported that “Pokemon Go” has made an impressive feat on July 23. On October 28, 2016, the game earned $5.7 million in gross worldwide. However, last July 23, this was bested when the game grossed $5.8 million worldwide. Although there are some issues that were experienced, it appears that players are still immersed with the augmented reality game.