The Legendary creatures Articuno and Lugia were already released in the popular game, “Pokemon Go.” Zapdos and Moltres are also set to arrive in the game in the next weeks. With the active launch of the legendaries in the game, fans are now wondering when Ho-Oh is going to be introduced.


The mythical bird Ho-Oh is inspired by the Greek Mythology’s legendary firebird, Phoenix. In many cultures, the Phoenix represents rebirth and resurrection. Similarly, in the game’s lore, the legendary bird is known to have given new lives to the now immortal creatures Suicine, Entei, and Raikou when they were killed in the Burned Tower in Ecruteak City.

The bird is the lesser matching part of Moltres and has been Ash’s inspiration for his new life in the movie.

The mythical bird plays a significant role in the game, as is one of the most powerful pocket monster secondary to Mewto. Interestingly, the creature has no known real weakness. In the game stats, Ho-Oh rank third among the creatures with the highest Attack, fifth in the Defense, and eleventh in the Stamina stat. With this impressive stat, many players believe that the creature will be the best pick in Raid Battles. Aside from its stats, Ho-Oh can call the Brave Bird, which is the strongest attack known in the game. As both a Flying and a Fire type of pocket monster it can withstand attacks from Ice and Ground Type of creatures.

However, it can be weakened by attacks from Rock-Type of monsters.

Arrival date

While Niantic Labs has been so silent about the arrival of the mythical firebird, fans already have some speculations on when. On August 14, the Pikachu Outbreak Festival will be held in Yokohama in Japan. Interestingly, this is also the same date that the legendary bird Zapdos is scheduled to leave the game.

Latest update

For now, these are all speculations until Niantic Labs finally confirm or announce that arrival of the Legendary Bird in the game. Meanwhile, a new update was recently rolled out in the game. The update brings back the missing leader of Team Instinct, Spark. The update also brought in massive fixes to the bugs that have been causing the game to freeze and crash.

Aside from those, there are changes to the Motivation Decay rate of Gym Defending pocket monsters in “Pokemon Go.” Things are getting better in the game, and fans are looking forward to more surprises from the game developer to keep them engaged in the game.