Clan owners who would like to migrate their communities to make them a clan in “Destiny 2” can now start the process. Recently, Bungie released the outline of the how the process of transferring the clans will work. In May 2017, the game developer hinted some massive improvements that will be made in the second game installment.


The clan Features in the first game installment were all done on The process includes a feature called groups. More than anything, the groups give in-game identification icon to its members. These groups, according to Bungie, can be transferred to the second game installment and will become clans.

The transfer will commence on July 25 and will only last a month. Leaders have the option to assign their leadership to other members of the group or retain it.

The game developer, after the housekeeping period, will then release the "Clan Creation System." There are a couple of options that leaders can choose from with the upcoming system. Players can either upgrade it, or they can remain a group.


Upgrading the clan will best work for smaller clans with three to 100 members. This is recommended for groups where most of the group members are members of the clan as well. When this option is chosen, the group’s forum and the chat history will be moved to the second game with the associated group being deleted.

Remain a group

Aside from upgrading, leaders can also go for the second option, which is to stay as a group in "Destiny 2." According to the game developer, this option will work well for bigger groups with more than 100 members. If the leader picks this option, the list will be detached and the clan will be deleted. However, the clan name is reserved to the original clan founder.

Meanwhile, in the new clan system in the second game installment, clan members will be given the chance to invite players to be a part of their clan. Bungie has revealed that members will receive rewards for the achievements of their clanmates. However, at this point, the game developer has not yet shared the kind of rewards that the members will get.

The highly anticipated first person shooter game, “Destiny 2” will be released on September 6, 2017, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on October 24 for your PC. The game’s beta already started on the console version July 18 and 19, while the PC version will be available during the later part of August.