Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul” will be available to virtual reality (VR) users starting on August 15. The horror game is based on the popular movie franchise and was developed by VRWERX. For those who would like to experience horror like never before, they should give this game a try.

Latest announcement

In the Steam community, VRWERX announced the Release Date of “Paranormal Activity: The Soul.” According to the game developer, the game has already gone through active optimization and they have also hunted down and addressed the bugs.

The game has been on Early Access for several months and the game developer promised the game will have improved textures, visuals, and AI.

In addition, there will be more random scare and improved animations and lightings. On the official release date, the developer promised to release another update that will fix the issue with Nvidia driver.

What the game is about

As a player, you will be equipped with a flashlight and will explore a quiet home located in a woodsy area. Later, you will realize after uncovering the mystery shrouding the house that you are not alone. The house will haunt you and you will find ways to survive the terrifying place.

Features, gameplay, and other details

The game is an original story founded on the myth of the widely popular film of the same title. The game uses a combination of Room Scale and Immersive Movement Role-play System (IMRS).

With this feature, the player will experience Free Movement System. This means that you are in control on how to move and interact in the environment either by using the controller or by simply walking.

The game begins after the tutorial where there will be no on-screen directions or HUD. It has indiscriminate terrifying moments, which means that the player will have no prior knowledge of when the haunting will happen.

You can hide, run, and outsmart the enemy in order to survive the game. Furthermore, this game is not recommended for the faint-hearted.

As for the length of the gameplay, it will depend on the player’s gameplay style. Moreover, the game is dependent on how the player will uncover the story since there are no Quicktime events that will be provided.

The regular playtime of this game will still run for hours.

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul” will be released on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR. Meanwhile, you can check out below the launch trailer of the game courtesy of IGN to get a glimpse of what it looks like to play the horror title.