Niantic has just released the first two Legendary creatures in “Pokemon GO.” This happened during the real-world event in Chicago called “Pokemon GO Fest.” Interestingly, the studio is set to release the special beasts all over the world over the next 48 hours.

As of this writing, players have yet to grasp the true powers of the Legendary beasts in “Pokemon GO.” This is understandable but should not be an issue later on. With the promise of earning the said creatures in Raid Battles, it will be interesting to learn how players should prepare for their arrival.

What Niantic’s original plan was

According to Forbes, the release of the special pocket monsters at Chicago’s Grant Park was a surprise. It was not meant to happen at all. Perhaps the issues and frustration experienced by players at the event led to the studio’s decision to release the creatures. Supposedly, these Pokemon would involve things such as challenges, special raids, a global unlock, and more.

As of this writing, Lugia and Articuno are already available in “Pokemon GO.” It should be noted that these Legendary creatures are only available first to the attendees of the “Pokemon GO Fest” and were automatically sent to the attendees’ accounts. As for the players outside the real-world event, there is nothing to worry about.

Niantic confirmed that the legendaries will arrive worldwide via Raid Battles, and they are to be expected in the next 48 hours. They will basically serve as raid bosses, something that players will have to defeat in order to acquire rewards.

What happened in Chicago?

At first, the aforementioned “Pokemon GO” event ran smoothly.

But after a while, things started to become a mess. Some of the in-game features Niantic promised were unplayable, leading to players chanting “we can’t play.” The studio’s very own CEO John Hanke got onstage and explained what happened. He iterated that all cell companies have been contacted and that the connectivity issues should be taken care of.

But alas, players were not entirely sold.

Apart from the connectivity issues “Pokemon GO” players experienced at Chicago, the lines to get inside the vicinity were also a mess. Some players announced that they waited for hours. Clearly, Niantic did not do any significant preparation. They should have anticipated these problems, considering that this was going to be a massive event. Well, it is definitely a lesson learned for the video game company.