The biggest event in the history of “Pokemon GO” is here, and it is already happening in Chicago’s Grant Park. As promised by developer Niantic, there are tons of exciting surprises, such as rare pocket monsters, eggs and special raids, and many other things. Also in exciting news, the studio decided to release the first Legendary creature.

According to Forbes, the Legendary reveal from the “Pokemon GO” developers was not exactly the plan. It was supposed to be part of a challenge that attendees and players from around the world would have to unlock.

Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

What made Niantic reveal the first special beast?

The first Legendary Pokemon revealed by the company is none other than Lugia. Again, this was not exactly the plan that the developers had in the first place. They were supposed to release the special beasts in a special fashion. Trainers would have to cooperate with each other, as they try to unlock all the special bonuses. Once these are completed, only then will the Legendary creatures arrive. Clearly, this was not the case. There is definitely a reason why the developers opted to do so.

Following Lugia’s release, the next Legendary creature released in “Pokemon GO” was none other than Articuno.

Players who are present at Chicago’s Grant Park are entitled to receive the Pokemon in their respective accounts. As for the other players in the world, they need not worry. Niantic is set to release these special beasts in Raid Battles over the next 48 hours. Sure, it is a surprising turn of events, but still, the highly anticipated creatures are finally coming.

‘Pokemon GO Fest’ was a messed

Believe it or not, “Pokemon GO Fest” did not become an exciting event for the people who attended it. There were tons of connectivity issues, rendering the entire activity useless. Players were having a hard time logging into their accounts, while the lines to get inside were a mess. Some fans were standing there for more than two hours already and yet they have not gone inside.

As expected, the attendees were furious, as they spent money to buy tickets. They expected something phenomenal from Niantic, but to their dismay, it was merely a disappointment.

The “Pokemon GO” real-world event became disheartening, most especially to players who flew in just to attend it. Perhaps the studio decided to make amends by releasing the Lugia and Articuno without any restrictions. They were released as a welcome announcement, though not exactly as planned.