Avid gamers, rejoice. Square Enix has confirmed the 2018 launch for the eleventh series entry in the "Dragon Quest" video game franchise dubbed as "Dragon Quest XI." The studio also revealed that the game would not be exclusive to Japanese gamers when it hits the store shelves. In other words, the game is heading West.

Western gamers are in for a treat

The revelation comes from game designer Yuji Horii who brought hope to Western gamers and zealous fans of "Dragon Quest" by confirming that "Dragon Quest XI" is scheduled to arrive in West. Horii posted a message on the title's YouTube channel, revealing that the game is already going through the localization process and will soon make an appearance in Europe and America.

In the video, Horii explains there are scads of localization slated to take place, meaning, "Dragon Quest XI" will not be hitting the store shelves in the West anytime soon. But he opts to remain tight-lipped about the Nintendo Switch version of the game which is yet to release in Japan.

It will be interesting to see whether or not both Japanese as well as the Western version of "Dragon Quest XI" will debut on Nintendo Switch at the same time, or would Square Enix go for a scattered release. Also, it remains to be seen if the Switch version comes with the 3DS' old-fashioned PSX-style graphics or will it boast HD visuals of the PlayStation 4.

There's a noticeable subtitle change for the upcoming game's name.

In Japan it will release bearing "Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time" moniker, while in the West it will launch as "Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age." Although a negligible change, CineBlend believes it could hint at exactly how the phrasing works in Japan in comparison to how a large number of Westerners understand the actual objectives in English.

What to expect?

Obviously, "In Search of Departed Time" requires more thinking in order to understand exactly what it alludes to. The title seems to have a connection either with a lost era or some kind of time lapse that cropped up and needs to be found. The Western phrasing, “Echoes of an Elusive Age” on the other hand, appears to be more descriptive and clear-cut, probably connected with events resembling a mysterious epoch.

Nevertheless, both subtitles seem to make sense referring to the current "Dragon Quest" game, considering that it revolves around a protagonist who is trying to get his lost memories back and figure out his position in the world. No doubt, it's an ordinary anime and a Japanese role-playing video game trope; however, it is also essential when it comes to unveiling a story that centers on self-discovery and winning hands down despite great odds.

When is it arriving?

The hotly anticipated game is slated to arrive on Saturday, July 29 in Japan, giving Eastern players the ability to play it when they want, but Western players are not so lucky and will have to continue waiting with bated breath until next year. The game is up for grabs on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS.