A few weeks from now, “Pokémon GO” will celebrate its one-year anniversary, and Niantic Labs is looking to recapture the magic that took the world by storm. The first real-world event recently will be held July 22 in Chicago, and while some fans already have their tickets, others are still hung up with the news of a new update, involving a new cooperative gameplay and gym battling mechanics.

As part of the Solstice Event, Niantic temporarily shut down Pokémon gyms and said the team was re-working them. It was only a matter of time before the game started bringing its gyms back online, but what’s seems to be the case is that Niantic is also rolling out raids, with no qualifiers about whether or not they’re rolling out in select cities like they initially said.

Even so, perks are up for grabs, and if you have a ton of Pokémon, here are some important reminders.

The big revamp in ‘Pokémon GO.'

The new patch notes indicate that players are now able to search through their adorable catches in order to sort out different kinds of Pokémon easier. Filtering works by species, nickname, type, and Pokedex number, which players can sift through just how many, say, Fire-type Pokémon they have on hand for a Raid Battle against a Venusaur.

The Raids are of immense importance as these can yield Legendary Pokémon. Those are a highly-anticipated part of the game, but one that’s missing is the PvP update. Niantic said the idea is in the pipeline, but it’s still exploring the possibility.

It didn’t mention if PvP was the next to be added either.

Before a raid begins at a specific gym, all Pokémon in the gym will be returned to their trainers. A large egg will appear over the gym signifying a countdown until the raid begins, after which a powerful Pokémon, or Raid Boss, will appear there.

Another thing worth noting is the new “Pokémon GO” badges.

The new mechanic will require a player who conquers a gym having to earn them. Through Poke Stops, badges can be upgraded, which in turn will provide players with better items.

The structure of gyms also had a facelift. Now they’ll have six permanent slots for Pokémon, and instead of being ordered based on strength, trainers can battle them in the order in which they were assigned to the gym.

Each of the six slots, by the way, will also be occupied by a different type of Pokémon, so you won’t find yourself fighting through six straight Dragonites.

Solstice Event update

File this under totally expected. Tickets for the first real-world “Pokémon GO” extravaganza went on sale July 19 and sold out, for all intents and purposes, at the exact same moment. However, those who want to be a part of the event still have the chance to do so, albeit doling out a hefty sum will be a requirement.

Niantic sold the tickets for $20 each, but on eBay, they’re around $200 (yikes). The secondary market is the only option available for now, although if you have a friend who by any chance bought a spare, consider yourself incredibly lucky.