Previously, developer Niantic announced that the Legendary creatures would arrive to “Pokemon GO” come summer. However, the season came and yet the special beasts were still nowhere to be found. This obviously made the fans worry, as they have always wanted to experience the thrill of these creatures.

Interestingly, as reported by BGR, the studio released a new update in “Pokemon GO” that somehow confirmed the upcoming arrival of the aforementioned Pokemon. Although the details are not as exciting as its predecessors, this update is perhaps the most unique one.

Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

What the new update is all about

On Tuesday, Niantic published a blog post on the official site of the game, announcing the upcoming release of a new update. It is set to be released next week, bringing the game to its latest version in both iOS and Android. Apparently, data miners made a quick dive on it, unearthing the mystery it hides. At long last, the highly anticipated pocket monsters are finally coming to the game. In fact, the data miners have acquired information pointing to a plausible timeline.

They suggest that legendaries should arrive in “Pokemon GO” following the real-world event called “Pokemon GO Fest.” The latter will take place in Chicago’s Grant Park come Sunday, and it is expected to feature tons of exciting stuff for the participants.

Data miners obtained a line of code that says, “IsLegendaryOrMythic,” referring to the game’s capability of distinguishing a Legendary Pokemon from a common one. Add to this a functionality that lets out an error message whenever players try to deploy their special beasts at gyms. Moreover, there is a system prompt that helps players check if the raid boss they are fighting is a Legendary or not.

More proof to the Legendary Pokemon’s arrival

The “Pokemon GO” data miners also acquired a set of images from the game’s files, one of which is a Raid Pass exclusive for the special pocket monsters. There is even a Legendary Raid icon that features both a Lugia and a Lugia banner. The latter, in particular, is reportedly there to mark a gym in which a Legendary Pokemon has just been won.

In one way or another, these seem to confirm the arrival of the special beasts.

If the data miners are correct, then theory that the “Mystery Challenge” in “Pokemon GO Fest” will include the Legendary creatures is wrong. With all the information acquired by the data miners, it is almost impossible not to believe that the special beasts are finally coming to the mobile game.