A new bug is now causing trouble among “Pokemon Go” players who are making good use of the augmented reality game’s updated gym system. In a recent announcement by Niantic Labs, it states that it is currently fixing an issue and that bonuses are not being awarded.

Defender bonus

Players who are having fun using the improved Gym system might be discouraged to learn that their bonuses do not apply at the moment.

Every time a player leaves a defender in the team’s location, a bonus is earned. However, it appears that rewarding these bonuses is being put on hold right now.

In their most recent tweet, Niantic Labs said that the rewards are not given to players because of an issue that they are trying to fix. The recent post on the official Twitter account of the developer defines the current issue as a brief interruption. Most probably the defender bonuses will be back very soon. Several players have reported that they are still receiving their defender bonuses. However, leaving a pocket monster to defend a gym at this point is very risky.

Updated gyms

Niantic Labs rolled out the bonus for the gym to encourage players to use the game’s gym system.

Previously, the combat arenas are sprawling with extra-powerful creatures like Dragonites. However, with the latest rework, there are now variations in the types of pocket monsters frequenting the gym. This also enables a player of any level to help out their respective teams in the game.

Aside from allowing a different type of creatures in the gym, “Pokemon Go” players who can find the gym owned by another team are rewarded with huge bonus items.

The mere visit to the gym and other significant locations also enables players to get numerous items. Moreover, players are also rewarded with bronze, silver, or gold medal based on the duration of time that a gym takes control of another gym. If the gym has been taken over by another team, the valued resources must be protected by every member to prevent nearby attackers from capturing it.

Chicago fest

Meanwhile, fans are now preparing for the upcoming “Pokemon Go” Chicago fest. The event will kick off on July 22. While players who are in the venue will experience different kinds of activities, Niantic Labs also provided exciting activities for all the players across the globe. There are speculations that the Legendary Raid event will be revealed the following day.