The "Street Fighter" games are hugely popular amongst fans of the fighting genre. The craze surrounding these games is so much that there is an annual competition where players from all over the world compete with each other to bag the ultimate prize of being the number one in these games. On July 16, the finals of the EVO 2017 fighting game championships were held in Las Vegas, where one of the featured games was "Street Fighter V."

New character addition

After the final match was complete and the winner had been decided, Capcom used the global stage as a platform for announcing the next DLC character that would be added to the "Street Fighter V" roster.

They stated that this time around the team had decided to add oversized brawler Abigail, from the Final Fight franchise. This is the first ever character to be introduced from that series into "Street Fighter V."

The Final Fight franchise is a much less popular fighting game series which failed to create a niche for itself, similar to what Capcom's "Street Fighter" managed to do. However, this does not mean that characters from the Final Fight remain inactive. The popular characters from the series have been used in various games of the franchise previously. However, this is the first ever appearance for Abigail in the Capcom fighting game franchise.

In the Final Fight game, Abigail was featured as a non-playable boss, so this DLC will be the first time that players will be able to take direct control of the huge character.

Capcom also revealed a teaser trailer revealing what Abigail is capable of and. as of now, it seems that Abigail would be very powerful and his sheer size would be an added advantage to players who choose to play as him. This new character is also the first playable Canadian combatant to ever be featured in any of the "Street Fighters."

'Street Fighter V' DLCs

The DLC containing Abigail and the Metro City Bay Area stage will go live on July 25.

Players who want to get the extra character can do so once he becomes available. This is the fourth DLC character out of the six that Capcom promised fans as part of the Season 2 of the roster updates. Compared to earlier "Street Fighter" games, "Street Fighter V" failed to achieve the same level of hype. However, due to its active fan base and the competitive programs, Capcom has managed to keep interest in the game alive. These periodic DLCs and updates also helped them to maintain player interest.